Petrol Lawnmowers on Small to Medium Sized Lawns
15.06.2014 12:04

In this article I will explain why a petrol lawnmower is better for your garden.

There are many different lawnmowers on the market, such as the McCulloch M40-450C, and they come in all shapes and sizes, colours, makes and models, and each have their own different feature depending on manufacturer.

Small and powerful lawnmowers are perfect for small to medium sized lawns, manoeuvrable petrol powered lawnmower are a joy to use. Precision cutting and classic stripes can be achieved with ease. Depending on the make and model, expensive petrol lawnmowers provide many exciting features to give you real assistance in the garden.

When it comes to looking at lawnmowers, you need to be aware that they all come with features that are unique to certain manufacturers, such as keyless starting and makes of engine used. Cheap budget lawnmowers are not ideal for any lawn.

Petrol lawnmowers should always be considered, they are more versatile and you don't have to worry about dragging a cable around with you everywhere. They give the extra power you need to get into those awkward places. Petrol canisters will need to be stored somewhere, but you will be surprised how far you can get on just one tank full.

Electric lawnmowers are slightly more hazardous, having a trailing cable behind you can cause an accident, especially when the grass is wet, limiting you to certain times when the lawn can actually be mown.

Features to consider:

Easily adjustable cutting blades control the ride height over the grass, rough areas can also be cut with no added effort.
A split differential ribbed rear roller gives good output, easy turning and a perfectly striped finish.

A tough ABS under deck liner for enhanced cut and collect performance, easy cleaning and reduced noise.

OPC (Operator Presence Control) for safe operation.

Variable ground speed options enable the user a mow at various speeds to suit different conditions and operator preferences.

In general, cheap lawnmowers do not have all the important features, unlike the high quality petrol counterparts. You have to be extra careful with a trailing cable behind you, and are more likely to break down when using on a larger grass area.
The preferred choice for any garden should be a petrol based cylinder lawnmower, you can pretty much do what you like with the mower, and you can achieve wonderful looking striped gardens to impress the neighbours!



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