Not Sure If You Should Buy A Greenhouse Heater?

Not Sure If You Should Buy A Greenhouse Heater?
29.09.2014 19:32

A decent greenhouse heater can make all the difference to your plants during midwinter to protect them from frost and ice. For a relatively cheap cost, you can get your hands on a fairly good greenhouse heater.

Of course, 'relatively cheaply' is different for us all and dependent upon your needs. If you only have a smallish area to heat within your greenhouse you can simply pick up a greenhouse heater for the job for less than £30. If you have a larger greenhouse or need a bit more humph, then the cost of a good greenhouse heater could run into the £100s. As you can see, you need to be fairly sure of what you require before dipping your hand in your pocket, else you can end up spending more than what you really need to.

Plastic greenhouses don't have excessive insulation levels and a lot of heat is lost through the plastic and so you'll certainly need a heater to replace what is lost. A paraffin or electric greenhouse heater is probably the best choice to use to replace that lost heat and to sustain the temperature you're looking for. It’s a good idea to try and find a greenhouse heater with a thermostat as part of the package as correctly controlling the temperature in your greenhouse is just as important as replacing the lost heat.

If I stick my neck on the line, I'd advise against a propane gas heater - certainly if you're just starting up - as you can spend quite an amount for a good model. Though, that's just a subjective opinion on my part and I certainly won't rule out a gas heater on the basis that it wasn't up for the job (and gas heaters have theoretically the lowest running costs). 

Another consideration before purchasing a greenhouse heater are the running costs. At the time of writing, the typical electricity cost per unit is in the region of 14p which means a 1000w heater will cost about 14p a hour (28p for a 2000w etc). A paraffin heater, though, could cost around double that for the same period. Then again, the benefit of a paraffin heater is that it holds its heat for a while after being switched off while an electrical heater loses its heat as soon as the off button is pressed.

My own individual first choice is an electrical glasshouse heater as I like the "cheaper now" option as I don't have avast budget and with the inbuilt thermostats on most products these days, I can keep the temperature within my own glasshouse just right, but don't let that put you off a paraffin or gas heater if your need or budget reaches that far - each option does an brilliant job of keeping the temperature of your greenhouse just right.


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